At Nadu, we have developed an intranasal medicinal delivery device that can administer pain-relief, antibiotics, antihistamines, and more to the nose of persons suffering symptoms associated with influenza, hayfever, chronic sinusitis, cystic fibrosis, and help to manage the conditions of COVID-19 when hospitalisation is not critical.

The device (1) cleans the nose, (2) provides relief of pressure to the nasal cavity, (3) administers a measured dosage of prescription & non-prescription medication that is suitable for nasal delivery and absorption through the nasal membrane.

We are looking for investment & strategic partners. We are raising $600,000 for a market entry in early 2021. Please provide an EOI at and our CEO Alexandra French will be in contact shortly.

This technology is scalable and can be licensed to different pharmaceutical companies globally.

Our business model is focused on capsule consumables that are supported by IoT tracking & tracing of medicinal compliance. Reporting to doctors, ENTs and pharmacists as required. 

Here is to the future of better breathing.

Personal respiratory technology for measured drug delivery & combating chronic respiratory disease

Improving lives of those living with chronic respiratory disease and the medical professionals who support them.

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