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Nadu's refreshing, user-centered approach to design and willingness to challenge the current nasal health care systems has provided the canvas to build simple and effective solutions which will be available for access by individuals, families, and communities. 

As we begin to provide integrated products and systems for people suffering from nasal conditions, we have begun to see the potential grand and measurable impact that Nadu could have on general wellness, as well as critical analysis of health care plans, introducing new medicines and ensuring better-user compliance. 

Our innovative, all-in-one devices will offer patients an experience that they have not yet been exposed to.

It is our prerogative to bring nasal health to the forefront and empower individuals to take pride in their nasal health.

We strive to place the patient at the core of our development programs to build strong relationships with leading doctors and healthcare providers worldwide. With this at our core, we have garnered awards and commendations that continue to inspire us to make the impact we are capable of doing so.


From the Nadu team, thank you for being a part of our journey to date!

Award-winning team

ALM Healthtech is the team behind the Nadu system and products. The products are part of a system to create a specialist therapeutic and medicinal delivery device. The team has been recognised for innovative and progressive approaches to nasal cleaning and medicinal delivery. Based in Brisbane, Australia, ALM Healthtech plans to be a global leader in the development of medicinal intranasal delivery.

Designed for simplicity

ALM Healthtech's user centric solutions are being designed specifically to address challenges between patients and their doctors, with focus on transparency and compliance. With a commitment to usability and simplicity in design this means that with consideration around user experience, nasal cleaning is to be a pleasant and positive experience.  

The simplicity of use and care for the products will be supported by interactive media and education engagement. This will be deployed in an array of environments, doctor's rooms, post-operative surgery discharge, community clinics, disaster relief, foreign aid programs and in the comfort of your own home.

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