Be nice to your nose. 

'Snuff & Flush' process




To inhale a solution to loosen the mucous, dust, foreign matter, pollen, mould particles and life's general dirt. 





To irrigate the nose with a solution to remove the loosened debris, foreign matter and infectious particles before they enter the lungs. 

Breathe Easy

Welcome to your new life as someone who can now experience improved quality of breathe everyday!

Nadu aims to improve medicinal compliance, effective treatment and preventative practice through innovative systems that offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Our goal is to meet patient needs with solutions that are easy to use and consistently provide fast relief.


Our products address an array of systems for nasal delivery. We work with industry partners to provide a variety of simple delivery options for patients.

We also aim to improve relationships between medical professionals and their patients, through data that improves compliance.

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