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Nasal Health

Respiratory Wellness

At Nadu our quest is to improve Respiratory Wellness and alleviate the conditions experienced through many different conditions and respiratory diseases. At Nadu, we are developing technology for intranasal cleaning & medicinal delivery.


We are aware of the complexity and risks associated with global respiratory diseases and we are aware of the need for global preparedness. The Nadu technology being developed will help to lessen the suffering associated with respiratory health which has many diverse profiles from daily behaviour limitations, to life-long lifestyle constraints.


The Nadu products will cater for short and long-term use, wellness & health, medical treatment plans, disaster relief, Foreign Aid relief, real-time delivery of sterile and controlled medication.


Nadu increases the transparency between Ears Nose and Throat Doctors, General Practitioners, physicians and their patients. Nadu will assist the clinicians to better understand their patients, helping doctors to design tailored treatment plans and to increase the efficacy and effectiveness of patient engagement.

Varying sinusitis conditions present themselves in varying environments and can be spurred on from environmental changes such as population, technical, and infrastructure growth in the developed world. As the global population grows and the effects of climate change continue to present itself, natural disasters are affecting enormous numbers of people around the world. The result is increased exposure to pollutants, varying working conditions and varying levels of quality and appropriate health care.


The culminating point of these three areas is the risk and under-preparedness for an endemic turn pandemic of communicable disease.  It is our responsibility to continue to develop the area of research to best prepare for these potentially devastating events.

The Problem

For the many people around the globe experiencing Chronic Sinusitis, Hayfever and Allergic Sinusitis, there is a common thread of patient fatigue and poor user compliance. For these conditions, nasal cleaning comprised of inhalation and irrigation is critical daily habits for good sinonasal health.

Currently, in Australia, Allergic Sinusitis affects 1 in 7 Australians and Chronic Sinusitis affects around 1.5 billion people across the Globe.  In Australia alone, the Australian Healthcare System caters for AU$226 million in sinus-related medical expenses annually. 

Patients and their doctors are constantly battling with a lack of transparency. Well meant advice and health maintenance plans are often at the mercy of patient understanding and follow-through. The behaviour of individuals and integrating weekly, daily or even more frequent nasal cleaning can be difficult to do and almost impossible to record progress in a qualitative nor quantitative manner. 

As doctor's continue to prescribe treatment plans, to address the individual patient's conditions and genetic disposition, there is not the support of a system, device or data tracker to review and reflect the efficacy of particular treatments. As the patient falls victim to a lack of understanding of their treatment, lack of measurable results, inevitably this breeds poor compliance, their emotional relationship with treatment plans wain and their expectation of the treatment diminishes.


Unfortunately often is the case that the patient ends up resisting the preventative health care plan of nasal cleaning and resorting to the quick-fix reactive methods of treatment such as nasal and oral antihistamines, steroids and antibiotics. This can result and contributes to the overuse issues causing medicinal reliance and antibiotic resistance.


These issues are furthermore compounded by low consideration to the user, the current market solutions do not enable or empower the patients to be their own health advocate and take pride in their nasal health through daily or weekly nasal health maintenance. 

The Solution

Nadu is an effective and long-term solution to caring for your nasal health. Our primary focus is addressing the preventable and addressable global issue of Chronic Rhino Sinusitis (CRS). CRS is part of a larger problem of preventable respiratory diseases, environment-induced problems & the result of poor access to health education.

At Nadu, we want to measure the change. The Nadu system enables us to deliver appropriate dosages & tailored medication intranasally. We have been able to merge two key elements to provide successful and preventative health care, traditional nasal cleaning practices & controlled medicinal delivery.