Asthma: Open up the World

Asthma is a treatable health condition that has become a disease one can live with, thanks to Modern Medicine. Although there is no cure or solution there are a number of key things to help mitigate and reduce the impact of Asthma.


With support and education, people can live outgoing, adventure-filled lives whilst managing their condition. There is a high rate of asthma sufferers who also suffer from Chronic Sinusitus, which makes it particularly important that these people look at their health from a preventative manner!


The key for asthma, is control and knowing your body and its responses. 

This means understanding what are your triggers and how to avoid these in the short & long term.

Working with your doctor you can begin to create a written asthma action plan to track and improve your condition.

It is clear that people who are aware of their triggers & patterns have better control over their asthma, fewer attacks and fewer days out of work.

At Nadu we believe that it is critical that Asthma doesn't cut your life short and mean you live a lesser life! 

Nadu devices are to be used to reduce the allergens & triggers (if physical) that sit inside your nasal cavity before passing into your lungs!


As explained by the National Asthma Council in Australia, nasal rinsing is considered a proactive treatment for all asthma sufferers. 

We look forward to working with the Asthma Council to develop & provide targeted relief for sufferers. 

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