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EarthTech Challenge 2020 & Nadu

What a great start to the year! We have been working alongside the incredible team at EarthTech, a global team devoted to activating impact based enterprises and ideas. This 6-week program was a targeted review of the critical stages of building a business and taking it to the next level, with rigour and structure at its core.

Please vote for us at https://challengehq.earthtech.io/public-vote/.

We were fortunate to be selected from 850+ companies, from 73 countries, down to the last 40! Now we are in the running for the Final 10!

If we are selected as part of the 'Final 10', this would mean we have the opportunity to meet with thought leader Sir Richard Branson, and other incredible mentors from around the world to accelerate Nadu - help us to make an impact as soon as possible to those who need it!

80% of the assessment is comprised of the #earthtech Challenge Judge's opinion, and 20% is up to Public Opinion, so please jump onto the link above before 31st January!

Check out our submission video below:

EarthTech Challenge 2020 - Nadu Video Submission #UNSG #youthimpact #socialimpact #richardbranson #nicetoyournice #nadu #breathe #pollution #airquality #coronavirus #bushfire #smokeinhalation Thanks to Syrup Sound for the great tunes for our video!

Profit for Purpose

The concept of 'profit for purpose' is a business that is ''led by a mission to achieve social, community and environmental benefit through trading and by channeling a portion of their profits towards their mission". A successful 'profit for purpose' business is when these two goals intersect successfully...where both social & economic value create a result (1). Nadu exists to make #makeimpact.

During this virtual challenge, we have had the chance to speak and discuss ideas & concepts with the panel of judges and mentors within the EarthTech Community.

Having only been in its first year, the EarthTech Challenge is part of a much larger beautiful beast that aims to gather a community of like-minded passionate groups, businesses & ideas-persons and connect them to Smart, Impact-based capital either from their EarthTech Fund or through other strategic pathways.

Week 1: Re/Search & ideation

Week 2: Innovation

Week 3: Prototyping

Week 4: Testing & iterating

Week 5: Articulating

Week 6: Brand Trust & Pitching

Through the 6 weeks we were asked to review our impact and true alignment with the UN Sustainability Goals that are summarised in these areas:

  • Poverty & inequality

  • Food, Water & Health

  • Climate & Energy

  • Sustainable Futures

  • Environment & Biodiversity

It was clear to us at Nadu that there was the greatest alignment with Food, Water & Health, which is captured in the United Nations Sustainability Goals #3 Health & well-being and #6 Clean Water & Sanitation.

You may of heard of the Bill & Melinda Gates efforts to combat Goal #6 through their Water Access, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Program. "Unsafe sanitation is a massive problem that is becoming more urgent as our global population increases and trends like water scarcity and urbanisation intensify. About 4.5 billion people - more than half the world's population - either practice open defacation or use unsafe sanitation facilities and services....."

"Right now, we see that inadequate sanitation costs a global annual US$233 billion...

We see a direct correlation with every US$1 being spent on sanitation it products US$5 in economic return! "

Stay tuned to learn more about our Parallel Innovation Model!

Thanks for reading, feel free to share & please make sure you have voted https://challengehq.earthtech.io/public-vote/ :)

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