nadu presents at the Upover-Downunder ENT Conference 2019

March 9, 2019

In mid January nadu took to the snowy hills of Italy to present at the 16th Annual Upover-Downunder ENT Conference. The Upover-Downunder Conference is a gathering of the world's finest Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeons in Alba di Canazei. This trip famously organised by Emeritus Professor William Coman is an incredible event with world-class presentations, insights and discussions. 


Nadu was very fortunate to present and partake in the event with the opportunity to meet with an array of industry leaders who brilliantly represent their country and the medical field in which they operate (in and out of the surgical wards)!


The Scientific Board is made up of (in alphabetic order) Professor Christian Betz from Hamburg-Eppendorf Germany, Dr Dave Brooker from Belfast United Kingdom, Emeritus Professor William B Coman from Brisbane Australia, Dr Theo Gregor from Hamilton New Zealand, Prof Andreas Leunig from Munich Germany, Dr David Marty from Melbourne Australia, A/Prof Payal Mukherjee from Sydney Australia, Dr Greg Osetinsky from Kentucky United States, A/Prof Chris Perry from Brisbane Australia, A/Prof Pår Stjärne from Stockholm Sweden, Dr Andrew Swift from Liverpool United Kingdom.


In addition Dr Peter and Dr Linda Friedland presented explorative discussions and presentations covering a diverse range of ENT, medical, science and innovative research. 


The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation (GPRWMF), on which Professor Coman is the Chair, continues to supports events like this to further their mission of 'maintaining Australian otolaryngology, head and neck surgery at the forefront of world clinical and scientific practice'. The actions and support that the GPRWMF provide each year is shown through their commitment to promoting, maintaining and improving medical knowledge and education. Throughout the conference we were exposed to different developing technologies in Australia, through the close support of the GPRWMF. 


With the support of the GPRWMF Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee and Professor Gordon Wallace have been working together to develop '3D Alek', a biofabrication 3D printer that uses specialised 'bio-inks' aiding the regenerative process of ear cartilage. Each print can be individualised to the patient and their requirements. This technology was developed with the University of Wollongong's TRICEP engineers. The initial trials are being held at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. It's introduction to use will be for children who have microtia. The team plan to have the technology readily available within 3 years. As Professor Wallace says 'this project illustrates our ability to turn fundamental research into a strategic application to create a new health solution'. Video on Channel Ten.


This is a great example of the Australian medical innovation sector, seeing the Australian ecosystem supporting the best people in the field to ensure the translation of research into clinical practice.


Continuing to set the standard we had the pleasure of hearing about the Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee and Dr Elodie Chiarovano explain their 'Augmented Reality To Virtual Reality: from patient care to surgical simulation'. A full keynote of their presentation, below.


With this incredible scope of Professors and Doctors the week-long event was inherently an internationally-focused academic program across all areas of Ears, Nose and Throat. Throughout the week ideas, expressions, concerns and insights were shared from the perspective of specialised fields.


As Dr Gregory Osetinsky writes in great summary, the "Otolaryngologists who attend this Upover-Downunder ENT meeting are intellectually honest, clinically provocative, thoroughly immersed in furthering the science of medicine".

Our attendance at this event was made possible thanks to the Brisbane Lord Mayor's Global Entrepreneur Program (LMGEP) for sponsoring nadu and ALM Healthtech to travel and attend this event. Along with Brisbane Marketing, the Lord Mayor's Office was able to identify the value we would gain from being awarded the 2018 LMGEP Award. This was an invaluable trip and pivotal for us to meet and learn from a few of the global ENT community's best, brightest and inspiring individuals. 


Thankyou Emeritus Professor Coman for inviting nadu and ALM Healthtech and we look forward to next year! Thanks to Christiana for an her work co-ordinating and keeping us all alive on the journey!




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nadu presents at the Upover-Downunder ENT Conference 2019

March 9, 2019

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